A Dime A Dozen

Oh gosh, there’s only very few people in the world that have seen me at my worst stage in life. This stage would be me just crying hysterically because I’m soft af almost like a cotton ball. Oh welllll.


Anyways, let me introduce you guys my roommate Rebecca. She’s the mom of the house, and she loves me so dearly. This blog is going to talk about the reasons I appreciate and enjoy this human in my life. Enjoy!


She cooks me tacos!: Overall we are busy throughout the day, but she always finds the time to have a taco night with me and watch movies. Talk about roommate bonding time!taco-night


She is caring: I make very stupid decisions when it comes to life choices. I always tend to do the opposite of when she tells me to do. But at the end of the day she’s always there with open arms that I can cry into. So I’m never scared to open up to her. Which is great because lets be realistic not everyone wants to listen your problems, but that’s just because they ain’t true homies, find yo self a new one, one deserving of your friendship.


She tells me she loves me: Overall, I think we are all broken people so to have someone take their time out of their day to tell you that they love you does wonders. I know many people don’t hear it that often or they want to hear it from their significant others. But Rebecca’s I love yous are the best thing to warm my heart.. and pizza rolls but why not have both!


She’s a mom at heart: I got careless one night and someone finally got a hold of her to pick me up. I was crying hysterical, God only knows why because I don’t . It was late and she was grumpy. But she picked me up and wrapped me up with blankets and fell asleep with me denying all the self-deprecating words I was telling myself to be true that day. I wouldn’t even deal with me honestly. Thanks for the cuddles mom.635953336852505901775216922_joey and ross cuddling

So I am dedicating this weeks song to her. The song I chose for Rebecca is Yellow by Coldplay. Because she is always letting me know how beautiful I am as a person and reminding me that i’m worthwhile. Luv you long time Rebecca!

Favorite Lyric(s):

“Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you”



Song Of The Week


Hhahahha. Basically I wish I knew what I was doing most of the time. But like most mini adults I don’t. Quite frankly it’s just not with life decisions like jobs or internships that are already being shoved down my throat by my parents. Instead it’s like debating whether I want my meal to be the cheesecake I’ve been craving for days or some sour patch kids. I’m here eating a tortilla for dinner reflecting on college and I just remembered I had oatmeal so that’s currently being eaten too.


Things like this are humorous to me and I believe are the ultimate parts of the college experience that I’ll remember and laugh about later on in life. Especially those long nights that turned into 3 all nighters because I suck, and take forever to do things but I’d like to note that I at least finish what I started! I’ll also be forever thankful for the people who’ve helped me through my lowest points and stuck through them, and I’ll also be thankful of the people who’ve bought me food (They’re the real MVPS). But these cycles are vicious: Studying, work, no sleep, trying to keep my sanity, internally screaming because life, and being broke after. On the bright side all these things have taught me to smile more, to have a positive outlook on life because those moments won’t be forever so why spend my time in college being grumpy with a negative

ANYWAYS, Here is the song of the week by one of my ultimate favorite bands, State Champs. Their song Slow Burn came out about a week ago, so go ahead and check it out! It’s been putting me in a good mood lately. Can’t wait to see them in concert again, they’re some hilarious dudes who always put on a great show. Hope ya enjoy it!

Favorite Lyric(s):

“We set a fire at both ends with our best lines and best intentions”

Monday’s Kick Left Me Stepping On Needles


The week started off with a kick! It was concert day at my university. The organization I work for organizes events and this was one of the most hands on one. This is one of our biggest events that involves working for the entire day AKA mandatory for us. Set up was early in the morning around 8am. Organization members that did not have class that time were up and ready. I came after my classes, which ended at 12:50pm.

Skipping to during the concert. Obviously these children show up drunk knowing they are going to tumble and fall, nothing new. Hopefully, my bitterness towards that situation isn’t unreasonable. I just never understood why people get full on wasted before a concert, like that defeats the purpose of enjoying the actual concert in my opinion. But yea, working it was a blast very tiring though especially on a Monday. We didn’t get home till 2am almost 3, which wouldn’t have been bad if we weren’t there since 9am setting up.

It is currently the next day and I feel like I’m waking on needles. Trying hard not to think about that, and I braided my hair that same night to bed so I wouldn’t get sick while sleeping with wet hair and the next morning vavavoom it’s hideous. Obviously like a good student I went to my morning class but I couldn’t get the courage to go to my next. I hated my hair so much. I’m sure I tried to fix it over 15 times without crying. I was about to go home but I went to class because overall no one cared but me(and I’m on hella loans). I’m not sure where i’m going with this but all is well!

The song of the week is You’re So Last Summer by Taking Back Sunday. This has been my mainzz lately. Love listening to it at anytime of the day. I recommend playing it on full blast. Hope ya enjoy and have a lovely week!!

Favorite Lyric(s):

“Cause I’m a wishful thinker with the worst intentions”

My life in a Mr. Krab’s meme

Mondays are always rough, can barley remember mine. Yet I’m pretty sure it started off with me squirting perfume into my eyes. There goes my initiative to try and girl properly. Tuesday wasn’t any better. I was studying for a while and decided to take a break and I accidentally ended up in the men’s restroom because I was distracted on my phone. This was a please shoot me in the face moment… I just causally walked in and was like wow this must be a new renovation, then I saw the pee pee toilets ya’ll boys have and everything went in slow motion from there besides my running. So I decided to study again obviously and then there are these two girls I hear from the next room. They were talking about anal and nipple penetration and that it’s possible to have an orgasm while giving birth or doing an ab exercise, and then they started spitting out some statistics. You know that’s cool and all but right about now I was begging for the Lord Savior to just take me away ya’ll. I could not concentrate so I gave up and went home. Honestly I just feel like the Mr. Krabs Meme this week because nothing makes sense and I just want some mac and cheese and some sleep.

For this week I have decided to dedicate the song to those girls ‘studying’ in the next room from me, bless their hearts. Here’s Curse of Curves by Cute is What We Aim For. It’s catchy and fun hope ya’ll enjoy it!


Favorite Lyric(s):

Her bone structure screams
“Touch her! Touch her!”
And she’s got the curse of curves

The Ultimate Awakening of Coffee

imagesSometimes, well most times almost everyday I feel like people spend most of their time overthinking, stressing, or feeling like their youth is slowly fading away; Of course they have all the right reasons to feel that way. But today at this moment I have run out of battery and am fueling myself with 5 large cups of coffee a day which I’m not proud of.

I had a good course of trying to quit coffee but that goal had its run. But anyway getting back to today. Today, I have a caramel iced coffee with added cream and sugar to smack me in the face and it made me remember that there is so much happiness and joy we hold inside and forget to express, because we let our bad days and moods suppress it and overrule the energy we have to look on the bright side of what a day holds for us.

I’m guilty of that. On top of that I neglect a lot of things especially for my parents, I feel like I don’t have time for a full on conversation so I always cut it short with my mom and I put other priorities on top. Like finishing my paper or finishing things up at work, but like that’s my mom who loves me and cares about for me and I cant give her my time of day, and I hate myself for that it just doesn’t make sense to me. I just have to keep in mind that my energy may be dying but I just have to keep reviving my spirit. I’ll be on my second cup of coffee and I’ll legit become my own hype man trying to finish up my paper/assignments or studying at 3am with no problem, the only thing I have in mind is getting it done, I’ve got no time for complaining that’s wasted energy. See that’s the attitude I want all the time. And it’s okay if I need a little or a lot of coffee to do that.

I really try to not over drain myself and who am I kidding, I sometimes wait for ungrateful times to start doing things because it’s hard to get motivated. Life gets a little easier if you give yourself little reminders of what you live for. Whether its listening to your favorite band from back in middle school or doing an ugly dance in the shower that you’d never bust in public. Do all these things to learn to appreciate yourself a little bit more. There is not one single person like you in the world so flaunt it. Ya sometimes got to remember that your an actually human being and need certain things to function like eating food and getting some sleep, because that’s always nice to have. Idk man all I’m saying is take some time out of your day, light some candle, eat that cookout you’ve been neglecting for your diet, and maybe add in some pizza rolls if you feel like you need the extra love.

Today I have Skyway Avenue by We The Kings; it made me feel a glimpse of happiness this morning because last time I heard that song I was an innocent teen and life hadn’t fully hit me yet and dug my face in the ground. But yes-great song enjoy ! Have a wonderful week! Stay alive you got this!

Spring Break Concert Mishaps


Okay cool. New week brand new attitude! The first Monday after Spring break was not bad at all but my co-workers and I agreed that it didn’t even feel like a Monday. Speaking of spring break I had a great time. I spent the first 2 days hibernating. I felt groggy after that because the time goes by so slow when you are doing nothing.

Anyways after a whole lot of doing nothing, I drove up to Richmond to see my favorite bands Moose Blood, Boston Manor, and Trophy Eyes. They performed in the Canal club. I was the first one there. I arrived 4 hours early (kill me status) but I was in front so not too shabby. Be mindful that these concerts are crazy and have pushing, stage diving/crowd surfing, and people form mosh pits. So for me to end up with a bruised stomach, a kick to the eye, and a couple of bruises on my arm isn’t too bad. I could be my friend who got her lenses knocked out of her glasses. Poor girl could only see from my eye after that, I don’t think she was prepared; she came with me because my sister got sick so she took her ticket so I wouldn’t go alone. Ended up getting home at 2 then had to pack for New York the following day, And lemmmee tell ya something I didn’t sleep at all when I was there. Loads of fun tho along with binge eating. Then homegirl had to get back home and pack for her trip back to Radford.

All in all really hope ya’ll enjoyed your break from classes! Here’s one of my favorite songs from Moose Bloods Recent Album Blush it’s called knuckles. I really enjoy this song along with their entire album. It’s a really neat sound and different from they’re previous albums. And I’m sure that everyone thinks of that one piece of tool you use to love when listening to this song.

It’s a really fun song and I almost always listen to it while showering, doing my makeup, or my hair sooo apologies to all my friends who have to wait that long for me to get ready because I’ll have this song on repeat. Hope you all enjoy it as well, have a wonderful week lovelies!

Fav Lyric(s):

“You’ve got his name on your arm, his words on your knuckles.”

Knuckle Puck New EP


Week before Spring break is a go! T’was a great little Monday, though I did end up pulling my shoulder at the gym but that is okay because it gave me an opportunity to work on dem back muscles. Not like I was in pain or anything.Then I casually had four meetings to attend along with a mandatory social that I had to stay for its entirety, but i’m pretty sure my soul left my body by then.

Throughout my productive day my body thought it was in need of a nap. So I passed out after I showered. Yes, still with my towel.My nap ended up waking me up at 4a.m and I’m pretty sure I knocked out around 9pm without even opening up my backpack. I don’t think I’ve had this much rest in forever so bless up. Woke up with no ragretsss.

Anyways, prior to this week something exciting happened! Knuckle Puck release their first EP since their album Copacetic came out !! Their EP is called Indecisive. I thought it was lovely and as the song goes on the lyrics just get deeper and deeper. I usually listen to it when I’m about to sleep or going for a car ride.

I got so excited about the release of their new song that I even made a snapchatt story with my Knuckle puck shirt and Knuckle Puck hat like a total dork. And if Ya’ll didn’t know they are one of my favorite bands so I had go all out and be over dramatic.But after I calmed down from the excitement I texted my sister about it. She said the song gave her goosebumps .Hope you guys enjoy it, have a listen!

Favorite song Lyric(s):

“I’m weighing out my words again
What’s the weight of my word when I talk too fucking much?”



So it is going to be a very very busy week. It is only Monday and I already have the headaches I get on Thursdays. The days have been going painfully fast meaning it feels like I have limited time to do things but yet it’s bitter sweet because I may get to lay in bed soon . But right now it’s a Monday, my hair is up in a way too tight pony tail, and I haven’t been home since 8am.

The highlight of my day was work and eating a Chick Fil A sandwich and a yogurt with granola because you cant have a parfait without granola that’s for sure. On the bright side both of my eyes aren’t red anymore only the left one is! All those statement above were not sarcasm I love my job and Chick Fil A, and I legit am so hype that I only look half stoned now when in reality it’s the constant hours on my laptop and my eyes getting randomly dry because they’re stupid.

All in all it was a very productive day and i’ll be dead by the weekend but thats okay because my parents are coming this weekend. They’ll have the energy to mend me back together better than I will. Hopefully they’ll take me to Olive Garden like they usually do when they visit. It’ll be better than my everyday chicken. So this week will be exciting.

Due to how the week is going, a song I really appreciate and that is helping me get through this busy week is “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae. I remember listening to this back in middle school and it still gets stuck in my head every now and then. The song is a nice reliever for my tired thoughts and drowsiness. I think the song is pretty hype. Even though they sound like really good 16 year old douche bags in this track who want to give their mom a heart attack with the decisions they’re making. But anyways hope you enjoy this song more than I do this week!

Jimmy eat World


It’s funny how many unexpected things happen in life. The experiences we face either make or break us depending on the perspective we chose to take towards any given situation. I think The Middle by Jimmy eat World best represents how to deal with it.

The song says forget those hurtful things you tell your self and screw those voices in your head telling you  you’re weird, wrong, or an outcast for doing/liking something different. Also screw what other people  wrongfully say about you too because who are they to judge you? “Do you” basically and don’t change just because you express yourself differently.

The only honest person you need is yourself. It’ll take time to learn to love yourself but when it does you will see everything fall into place. It’s such a fun song with a subliminal message especially in that awkward coming of age stage.

In an interview the band thought the song would not get much attention because  it was so simple and easy for them to write . The band admitted that they wrote the song while they were just messing around in the studio. I can only imagine how fun it was to make the music video.

My favorite lyric:

“You know you’re doing better on your own so don’t buy in
Live right now
Just be yourself It doesn’t matter if that’s good enough for someone else”

I think it is very important to remember that you do not need anyones approval for being yourself. Nor do you need someone who does not appreciate who you are as a person and what you offer to the world. There are so many people willing to accept and even love your quirks and those are the people that should be appreciated back.
So that was my pump up song of the week hope you guys enjoy and have a listen!

Letting Music Mend


Well this week in lack of better words has been shitty. I don’t want to get up because I think well what’s the point right? But obviously I have things to do so I get my ass up, but I don’t enjoy it. I think it’s just a slump. I went through this in the beginning of the semester. I feel like I’m just on autopilot. There is literally nothing to blame for this but my own will to not want to proceed in my daily activities. Many might think I’m sad or mad but no I’m none of those, it’s that time where I legit don’t know what I feel. The only word that can describe my state accurately is “mehh” which in fact I don’t think that’s an actual word.

I’m getting through the days though. I make sure I’m eating due to loss of appetite. I make sure I go to work and get my schoolwork done too. It actually pisses me off that I have no clue when this slump is going to end. I’m pretty optimistic about it ending soon if I just keep trying but not even that is enough motivation. Literally all I’ve wanted to do is play my guitar and stare at a wall for hours. And Genuinely I know I’m okay. My ideas are that I should just be around more people to feed off their energy, and I love my friends I always love hearing from them they’re so positive and supportive of my life decisions, and I have so much to be excited for especially for these upcoming months. Like I’m going to Florida (hopefully) and I have events I’m hosting for my job. But I don’t feel mentally present to be enjoying it.

I sometimes have these instincts of getting away. Not technically running away though. That’s what I did first semester I just kept driving to the beach alone to Norfolk it was really peaceful. Thankfully I have a really great friend that lets me stay at their place when I do decide to go. I remember one time I decided to go home for a day. I wasn’t feeling good mentally and it ended up pouring hail and that was the worst because my eyes were already blurry.

My parents didn’t know I was coming so when I called them saying I was outside they freaked and probably thought what the fuck Ariana. Anyway, I embraced my mom into a hug. That’s all I wanted at the moment and then water works came out. I was just as confused as to why I was crying as they were. Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle being me as an individual but I’m still learning to understand myself. I Just have to remember to be gentle with myself because I’m doing the best I can. I’m keeping my head high and heart strong!

This week I picked a song that I hold really close to my heart. I believe it speaks volumes. Have a listen. Here’s Twin Size Mattress by The Front Bottoms.