A Dime A Dozen

Oh gosh, there’s only very few people in the world that have seen me at my worst stage in life. This stage would be me just crying hysterically because I’m soft af almost like a cotton ball. Oh welllll.


Anyways, let me introduce you guys my roommate Rebecca. She’s the mom of the house, and she loves me so dearly. This blog is going to talk about the reasons I appreciate and enjoy this human in my life. Enjoy!


She cooks me tacos!: Overall we are busy throughout the day, but she always finds the time to have a taco night with me and watch movies. Talk about roommate bonding time!taco-night


She is caring: I make very stupid decisions when it comes to life choices. I always tend to do the opposite of when she tells me to do. But at the end of the day she’s always there with open arms that I can cry into. So I’m never scared to open up to her. Which is great because lets be realistic not everyone wants to listen your problems, but that’s just because they ain’t true homies, find yo self a new one, one deserving of your friendship.


She tells me she loves me: Overall, I think we are all broken people so to have someone take their time out of their day to tell you that they love you does wonders. I know many people don’t hear it that often or they want to hear it from their significant others. But Rebecca’s I love yous are the best thing to warm my heart.. and pizza rolls but why not have both!


She’s a mom at heart: I got careless one night and someone finally got a hold of her to pick me up. I was crying hysterical, God only knows why because I don’t . It was late and she was grumpy. But she picked me up and wrapped me up with blankets and fell asleep with me denying all the self-deprecating words I was telling myself to be true that day. I wouldn’t even deal with me honestly. Thanks for the cuddles mom.635953336852505901775216922_joey and ross cuddling

So I am dedicating this weeks song to her. The song I chose for Rebecca is Yellow by Coldplay. Because she is always letting me know how beautiful I am as a person and reminding me that i’m worthwhile. Luv you long time Rebecca!

Favorite Lyric(s):

“Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you”



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