Song Of The Week


Hhahahha. Basically I wish I knew what I was doing most of the time. But like most mini adults I don’t. Quite frankly it’s just not with life decisions like jobs or internships that are already being shoved down my throat by my parents. Instead it’s like debating whether I want my meal to be the cheesecake I’ve been craving for days or some sour patch kids. I’m here eating a tortilla for dinner reflecting on college and I just remembered I had oatmeal so that’s currently being eaten too.


Things like this are humorous to me and I believe are the ultimate parts of the college experience that I’ll remember and laugh about later on in life. Especially those long nights that turned into 3 all nighters because I suck, and take forever to do things but I’d like to note that I at least finish what I started! I’ll also be forever thankful for the people who’ve helped me through my lowest points and stuck through them, and I’ll also be thankful of the people who’ve bought me food (They’re the real MVPS). But these cycles are vicious: Studying, work, no sleep, trying to keep my sanity, internally screaming because life, and being broke after. On the bright side all these things have taught me to smile more, to have a positive outlook on life because those moments won’t be forever so why spend my time in college being grumpy with a negative

ANYWAYS, Here is the song of the week by one of my ultimate favorite bands, State Champs. Their song Slow Burn came out about a week ago, so go ahead and check it out! It’s been putting me in a good mood lately. Can’t wait to see them in concert again, they’re some hilarious dudes who always put on a great show. Hope ya enjoy it!

Favorite Lyric(s):

“We set a fire at both ends with our best lines and best intentions”


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