Monday’s Kick Left Me Stepping On Needles


The week started off with a kick! It was concert day at my university. The organization I work for organizes events and this was one of the most hands on one. This is one of our biggest events that involves working for the entire day AKA mandatory for us. Set up was early in the morning around 8am. Organization members that did not have class that time were up and ready. I came after my classes, which ended at 12:50pm.

Skipping to during the concert. Obviously these children show up drunk knowing they are going to tumble and fall, nothing new. Hopefully, my bitterness towards that situation isn’t unreasonable. I just never understood why people get full on wasted before a concert, like that defeats the purpose of enjoying the actual concert in my opinion. But yea, working it was a blast very tiring though especially on a Monday. We didn’t get home till 2am almost 3, which wouldn’t have been bad if we weren’t there since 9am setting up.

It is currently the next day and I feel like I’m waking on needles. Trying hard not to think about that, and I braided my hair that same night to bed so I wouldn’t get sick while sleeping with wet hair and the next morning vavavoom it’s hideous. Obviously like a good student I went to my morning class but I couldn’t get the courage to go to my next. I hated my hair so much. I’m sure I tried to fix it over 15 times without crying. I was about to go home but I went to class because overall no one cared but me(and I’m on hella loans). I’m not sure where i’m going with this but all is well!

The song of the week is You’re So Last Summer by Taking Back Sunday. This has been my mainzz lately. Love listening to it at anytime of the day. I recommend playing it on full blast. Hope ya enjoy and have a lovely week!!

Favorite Lyric(s):

“Cause I’m a wishful thinker with the worst intentions”


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