My life in a Mr. Krab’s meme

Mondays are always rough, can barley remember mine. Yet I’m pretty sure it started off with me squirting perfume into my eyes. There goes my initiative to try and girl properly. Tuesday wasn’t any better. I was studying for a while and decided to take a break and I accidentally ended up in the men’s restroom because I was distracted on my phone. This was a please shoot me in the face moment… I just causally walked in and was like wow this must be a new renovation, then I saw the pee pee toilets ya’ll boys have and everything went in slow motion from there besides my running. So I decided to study again obviously and then there are these two girls I hear from the next room. They were talking about anal and nipple penetration and that it’s possible to have an orgasm while giving birth or doing an ab exercise, and then they started spitting out some statistics. You know that’s cool and all but right about now I was begging for the Lord Savior to just take me away ya’ll. I could not concentrate so I gave up and went home. Honestly I just feel like the Mr. Krabs Meme this week because nothing makes sense and I just want some mac and cheese and some sleep.

For this week I have decided to dedicate the song to those girls ‘studying’ in the next room from me, bless their hearts. Here’s Curse of Curves by Cute is What We Aim For. It’s catchy and fun hope ya’ll enjoy it!


Favorite Lyric(s):

Her bone structure screams
“Touch her! Touch her!”
And she’s got the curse of curves


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