The Ultimate Awakening of Coffee

imagesSometimes, well most times almost everyday I feel like people spend most of their time overthinking, stressing, or feeling like their youth is slowly fading away; Of course they have all the right reasons to feel that way. But today at this moment I have run out of battery and am fueling myself with 5 large cups of coffee a day which I’m not proud of.

I had a good course of trying to quit coffee but that goal had its run. But anyway getting back to today. Today, I have a caramel iced coffee with added cream and sugar to smack me in the face and it made me remember that there is so much happiness and joy we hold inside and forget to express, because we let our bad days and moods suppress it and overrule the energy we have to look on the bright side of what a day holds for us.

I’m guilty of that. On top of that I neglect a lot of things especially for my parents, I feel like I don’t have time for a full on conversation so I always cut it short with my mom and I put other priorities on top. Like finishing my paper or finishing things up at work, but like that’s my mom who loves me and cares about for me and I cant give her my time of day, and I hate myself for that it just doesn’t make sense to me. I just have to keep in mind that my energy may be dying but I just have to keep reviving my spirit. I’ll be on my second cup of coffee and I’ll legit become my own hype man trying to finish up my paper/assignments or studying at 3am with no problem, the only thing I have in mind is getting it done, I’ve got no time for complaining that’s wasted energy. See that’s the attitude I want all the time. And it’s okay if I need a little or a lot of coffee to do that.

I really try to not over drain myself and who am I kidding, I sometimes wait for ungrateful times to start doing things because it’s hard to get motivated. Life gets a little easier if you give yourself little reminders of what you live for. Whether its listening to your favorite band from back in middle school or doing an ugly dance in the shower that you’d never bust in public. Do all these things to learn to appreciate yourself a little bit more. There is not one single person like you in the world so flaunt it. Ya sometimes got to remember that your an actually human being and need certain things to function like eating food and getting some sleep, because that’s always nice to have. Idk man all I’m saying is take some time out of your day, light some candle, eat that cookout you’ve been neglecting for your diet, and maybe add in some pizza rolls if you feel like you need the extra love.

Today I have Skyway Avenue by We The Kings; it made me feel a glimpse of happiness this morning because last time I heard that song I was an innocent teen and life hadn’t fully hit me yet and dug my face in the ground. But yes-great song enjoy ! Have a wonderful week! Stay alive you got this!


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