Spring Break Concert Mishaps


Okay cool. New week brand new attitude! The first Monday after Spring break was not bad at all but my co-workers and I agreed that it didn’t even feel like a Monday. Speaking of spring break I had a great time. I spent the first 2 days hibernating. I felt groggy after that because the time goes by so slow when you are doing nothing.

Anyways after a whole lot of doing nothing, I drove up to Richmond to see my favorite bands Moose Blood, Boston Manor, and Trophy Eyes. They performed in the Canal club. I was the first one there. I arrived 4 hours early (kill me status) but I was in front so not too shabby. Be mindful that these concerts are crazy and have pushing, stage diving/crowd surfing, and people form mosh pits. So for me to end up with a bruised stomach, a kick to the eye, and a couple of bruises on my arm isn’t too bad. I could be my friend who got her lenses knocked out of her glasses. Poor girl could only see from my eye after that, I don’t think she was prepared; she came with me because my sister got sick so she took her ticket so I wouldn’t go alone. Ended up getting home at 2 then had to pack for New York the following day, And lemmmee tell ya something I didn’t sleep at all when I was there. Loads of fun tho along with binge eating. Then homegirl had to get back home and pack for her trip back to Radford.

All in all really hope ya’ll enjoyed your break from classes! Here’s one of my favorite songs from Moose Bloods Recent Album Blush it’s called knuckles. I really enjoy this song along with their entire album. It’s a really neat sound and different from they’re previous albums. And I’m sure that everyone thinks of that one piece of tool you use to love when listening to this song.

It’s a really fun song and I almost always listen to it while showering, doing my makeup, or my hair sooo apologies to all my friends who have to wait that long for me to get ready because I’ll have this song on repeat. Hope you all enjoy it as well, have a wonderful week lovelies!

Fav Lyric(s):

“You’ve got his name on your arm, his words on your knuckles.”


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