Knuckle Puck New EP


Week before Spring break is a go! T’was a great little Monday, though I did end up pulling my shoulder at the gym but that is okay because it gave me an opportunity to work on dem back muscles. Not like I was in pain or anything.Then I casually had four meetings to attend along with a mandatory social that I had to stay for its entirety, but i’m pretty sure my soul left my body by then.

Throughout my productive day my body thought it was in need of a nap. So I passed out after I showered. Yes, still with my towel.My nap ended up waking me up at 4a.m and I’m pretty sure I knocked out around 9pm without even opening up my backpack. I don’t think I’ve had this much rest in forever so bless up. Woke up with no ragretsss.

Anyways, prior to this week something exciting happened! Knuckle Puck release their first EP since their album Copacetic came out !! Their EP is called Indecisive. I thought it was lovely and as the song goes on the lyrics just get deeper and deeper. I usually listen to it when I’m about to sleep or going for a car ride.

I got so excited about the release of their new song that I even made a snapchatt story with my Knuckle puck shirt and Knuckle Puck hat like a total dork. And if Ya’ll didn’t know they are one of my favorite bands so I had go all out and be over dramatic.But after I calmed down from the excitement I texted my sister about it. She said the song gave her goosebumps .Hope you guys enjoy it, have a listen!

Favorite song Lyric(s):

“I’m weighing out my words again
What’s the weight of my word when I talk too fucking much?”


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