So it is going to be a very very busy week. It is only Monday and I already have the headaches I get on Thursdays. The days have been going painfully fast meaning it feels like I have limited time to do things but yet it’s bitter sweet because I may get to lay in bed soon . But right now it’s a Monday, my hair is up in a way too tight pony tail, and I haven’t been home since 8am.

The highlight of my day was work and eating a Chick Fil A sandwich and a yogurt with granola because you cant have a parfait without granola that’s for sure. On the bright side both of my eyes aren’t red anymore only the left one is! All those statement above were not sarcasm I love my job and Chick Fil A, and I legit am so hype that I only look half stoned now when in reality it’s the constant hours on my laptop and my eyes getting randomly dry because they’re stupid.

All in all it was a very productive day and i’ll be dead by the weekend but thats okay because my parents are coming this weekend. They’ll have the energy to mend me back together better than I will. Hopefully they’ll take me to Olive Garden like they usually do when they visit. It’ll be better than my everyday chicken. So this week will be exciting.

Due to how the week is going, a song I really appreciate and that is helping me get through this busy week is “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae. I remember listening to this back in middle school and it still gets stuck in my head every now and then. The song is a nice reliever for my tired thoughts and drowsiness. I think the song is pretty hype. Even though they sound like really good 16 year old douche bags in this track who want to give their mom a heart attack with the decisions they’re making. But anyways hope you enjoy this song more than I do this week!


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