Jimmy eat World


It’s funny how many unexpected things happen in life. The experiences we face either make or break us depending on the perspective we chose to take towards any given situation. I think The Middle by Jimmy eat World best represents how to deal with it.

The song says forget those hurtful things you tell your self and screw those voices in your head telling you  you’re weird, wrong, or an outcast for doing/liking something different. Also screw what other people  wrongfully say about you too because who are they to judge you? “Do you” basically and don’t change just because you express yourself differently.

The only honest person you need is yourself. It’ll take time to learn to love yourself but when it does you will see everything fall into place. It’s such a fun song with a subliminal message especially in that awkward coming of age stage.

In an interview the band thought the song would not get much attention because  it was so simple and easy for them to write . The band admitted that they wrote the song while they were just messing around in the studio. I can only imagine how fun it was to make the music video.

My favorite lyric:

“You know you’re doing better on your own so don’t buy in
Live right now
Just be yourself It doesn’t matter if that’s good enough for someone else”

I think it is very important to remember that you do not need anyones approval for being yourself. Nor do you need someone who does not appreciate who you are as a person and what you offer to the world. There are so many people willing to accept and even love your quirks and those are the people that should be appreciated back.
So that was my pump up song of the week hope you guys enjoy and have a listen!

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