Song of The Week.


Well okay. This is going to be strange but I’m going to switch it up. Instead of the album of the week being the main focus of this blog I am going to do a song of the week. The song I’ve picked for this week is Heaven Sent by Trophy Eyes. I found this song while listening to Laika by Boston Manor on Youtube a couple weeks ago . I do not regret anything, I fell in love with this song immediately. Then later on I found out my sister knew this song and never chose to recommend  it to me. Talk about selfish.

The song talks about significant partners. The catch is that one lover is willing do everything to fulfill their own happiness.Even if it includes walking all over the one they love; sort of a toxic/ a one way relationship were one partner is emotionally detached but still in love.

I literally listen to it no matter how I’m feeling. I’ll be doing my hair and makeup while blasting it too! It is also soothing to listen to when your about to sleep and guys don’t even get me started on recommending it to your gym playlist.

I really love this song. It has a really mysterious vibe to it. The lead singer, John, has some raspy vocals that really make the song special. We cant forget about the instruments that set the tone to the song and make it so enticing.

I know many people can relate to having someone like this in their life. Out of many horrible relationships it’s nice to know that there are ones that do not make sense at all, which is what the song basically represents.A lot of people may say this song is filled of angst and hate but I feel none of those when I listen to it( maybe just a tiny bit of angst lol).It might seem funny but I feel empowered and at peace/ relaxed when I listen to this song.

So that is my song of the week hope you guys enjoy it! If you did enjoy this song I’d recommend checking out other bands like Moose Blood or Boston Manor!


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